Efficient Calendar Guide

Efficient Calendar is a professional, elegant and easy-to-use time management software program. It not only can remind you all appointments, birthdays, meetings and events before the deadline, but also can help you planning your tasks in order and remind you at anytime as you set. Companied with this software, you will enjoy a more efficient and relaxed life.

You can know more detailed information about Efficient Calendar Network Guide.

  1. Please download Efficient Calendar at http://www.efficientdownload.com/es/EfficientCalendar-Setup.exe .
  2. You can go to Calendar module by clicking Calendar button on the navigation panel or clicking Calendar on Go menu. And you can add a new event or task by right-clicking the day on which it will take place or finish, and then clicking New Event or New Task in the popup menu. Or you can directly go to Events or Tasks module to add one.
  3. If the event or task recurs regularly, you can set its recurrence pattern according to the requirements. In addition, you can mark the label and add some related comments or attachment about them as well.
  4. After managed the events and tasks well, you can go to Today module to know the information about them directly.
    Besides, our software will remind you before the deadline of an event or a task based on the time you set. (Tasks can be reminded before the start date.) You can click Reminders Window on the View menu to display the Reminders window at any time.
  5. After completing a task, you can mark it easily at the Tasks module or Today module. Or you can record the progress of a task.
  6. You can sync your data across PCs and mobile phones. Just click File -> Synchronize to pair device. And know more detailed instructions about synchronization at: How to Sync?

In order to offer you a more efficient and convenient service, both events and tasks can be managed by group. And you can search them easily. In short, Efficient Calendar aims to offer you a more efficient and happier life style. Also you can know more detailed information about Efficient Calendar Network Guide.

Note: this software also offers a free version, you can download Efficient Calendar Free at:
http://www.efficientdownload.com/es/EfficientCalendarFree-Setup.exe .

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