I downloaded Office Home & Student 2013, and it completely erased my calendar, and now I am completely lost.... Please help. I have windows 8 now, is that going to mess up my calendar? Also, since I'm addressing an issue, when I did buy the calendar, I had wanted the edition that included the diary, journal, notes, etc... they were all the same price when I purchased my version. Please let me know how to fix this. Thank you!
Please search the .ecfx file in your computer and then open it in our software. The software you mentioned might be Efficient PIM, which has the different price with Efficient Calendar, but you could upgrade from Efficient Calendar to PIM by pay the price difference.

On the 4th of April I bought the Efficiant Calendar with the Key Code: EC-BNPHI$$%%#......MMJJKM*&#@#MN I have written you before on this issue before and I received no anwer. How or where in my Efficiant Calendar do I inter my key code in my calendar? Some of the features do not work so I'm writing you again to see if you will help me. I love this calendar and that's why I purchased it. Please advise me on what to do. I have already downloaded the new version 3.5 (Build 333) but I can't find the place to inter my key code.
Firstly, please make sure the version you downloaded is the professional edition, you could check it in "Help-about". If you are using the professional edition, then please choose "re-enter the registration code" in the "Help" menu. If not, please download the professional edition in our website:

I am in the process of purchasing a new computer and would like to migrate my Efficient Calendar Free - Calendar to the new computer without loosing any of the appointments/activities already scheduled. How can I do this?
Firstly, please download the software in our website and install it into your new computer. Secondly, backup the data in your old computer. Thirdly, restore the backup file in the new software in your new computer.

I UPDATED efficient calandar free and lost all my information how do I recover it?
The upgrade of our software won't delete any of your information. Please search the .ecf/.ecfx file in your computer and then open it in the new version.

In the monthly view, do not compact Saturday and Sunday into a single "day square". I would prefer to have the week starting on Sunday.
You could unselect the option "compress weekend" in the left pane. And then choose the week begins with Sunday in "Tools-options-calendar".

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